The Galaxy: Social Media Channels

The following social media channels are beneficial to the Galaxy Food Center. The targeted audience use these forms of media the most, resulting in the food center reaching their customers.




Facebook currently reaches all demographics, but the age group of 30-49 female internet user use Facebook 79 percent of the time. This age group is the primary shoppers of the food center, therefore needs to be reach the most.

The Galaxy uses the form of social media, but not as a marketing tool. Facebook is used to convey information on what is found within the store, but no actual sales are posted. The post which are made do not appear consistently and responses to customers are slow or nonexistent.

The food center could post several of the main sales happening. Promotional deals of sharing the post and liking the page to receive a small prize could boost the sales and visitors to the social media page.


  • Free account for the business page
  • Reaches a wide range of demographics
  • Easy way of viewing customers thoughts and reviews of the food center
  • May reach markets which are outside the local atmosphere


  • Facebook shows negative comments and reviews
  • Significant amount of time will have to go into planning and keeping the page organized
  • Can be seen or mentioned by anyone in a public forum
  • May cause negative marketing if one users does not enjoy the store




Pinterest is not one of the top social media channels, but it is used regularly by the demographic of women between 30-49 years of age. The social media channel could be used in a subtle but efficient way if used correctly.

With Pinterest being used frequently for quick and simple recipes, the channel would be a great area to post recipes with ingredients located and sold inside the food center. Videos or simply the recipes with interesting photos would allow users to experiment and think of the Galaxy first when making the food.

The channel would take a significant amount of time to gain followers, but in the end benefit the food center in reaching not only the desired demographic, but the others as well.


  • Reach a wide variety of users
  • Can be used to share videos and images of the store
  • Easy way for the food center to unconsciously persuade users to shop at the Galaxy
  • A way for the social media manager to be creative with posts and images


  • Slow channel to gain followers through
  • Requires significant amount of time and effort to design each post
  • Easy to be lost in the other posts of other food centers
  • Is not an easy way to direct people to recipes, requires interest by the users




Twitter is being used more and more by the older and younger demographics in day-to-day situations. It could be used to post wins and several cross posting strategies to gain followers and shoppers.

The Galaxy currently does not have a Twitter account. In a small location like they are, the food center could benefit from another social media channel reaching far and beyond common sale areas.

Posting would happen three times a day for an update of what sales are happening at the sale and promotional features for cross posting to Instagram and Facebook.


  • Creating their own hashtag, The Galaxy could be located much easier on all social media channels
  • Free of charge to run an account
  • Can reach all age demographics
  • Post can be shared easily by users, and responded to quickly


  • Can be shared by anyone in a negative way
  • Is limited on the amount of words used in the tweets
  • Upkeep of the account will require much attention
  • Customer service issues could be discussed on a public forum



Social Media Plan: Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

The Galaxy Food Center

Goal: Create an appearance on all forms of social media.

Objective 1: Reach 3,000 likes on Facebook by December 2016.

Strategy: Use both the website and store to create exposure.

Tactic 1.1: Simply have a flyer on the doors and at the registers mentioning the Facebook page.

Tactic 1.2: Run promotions weekly or biweekly on Facebook page requiring

Tactic 1.3: Show items and post relating to the community and local events.

Tactic 1.4: Comment and share on reviews and comments including the food center.


Objective 2: Have at least 150 followers on instagram by April 2017.

Strategy: Create an Instagram for the Galaxy.

Tactic 2.1: Follow the younger demographic.

Tactic 2.2: Post food related photos which will relate to the younger demographic. Make the post at least once a day.

Tactic 2.3: Create a hashtag specifically for the center and use it when making post.

Tactic 2.4: Use the page to post promotionals for a wider follower base and to increase sales.


Objective 3: Have at least 50 followers on Pinterest within six months.

Strategy: Create a Pinterest account and try to reach people from the local community.

Tactic 3.1: Share recipes which could be made using ingredients from the Galaxy.

Tactic 3.2: Post videos of the deli workers making food fresh at least once a day.

Tactic 3.3: Post images with recipes of the fresh foods at the deli at least once a day.

Tactic 3.4: Share fans and customers Pinterest pages that are made with ingredients food in the food center.


Objective 4: Get at least 150 followers on Twitter within six months.

Strategy: Create a Twitter account and try to follow people throughout the local community.

Tactic 4.1: Post at least three tweets throughout the day about the food center.

Tactic 4.2: Have promotional sales that require people to follow and retweet to win.

Tactic 4.3: Post images of the new sales and items when they come out.

Tactic 4.4: Interact with the customers to know what they want and what they think of the restaurant.

The Galaxy Paper Edit


The focus should be heartwarming and make the audience feel happy and at home at the food center. It is a well known store and competes with the chain stores. Since the reopening of the store, the Galaxy has expanded and has an intimidating factor to it. If a new commercial is created to express a warm feeling to the food center it would create a better audience.  


The Galaxy is locally own and many people outside of the community it is in do not know what it is. Creating a strong social media market, the food center could reach to other areas and


The audience for the Galaxy would be middle aged women between the ages of 35-55. It is a wide range, but in a small town a variety of people will come in and shop locally for small needs.

Content Points

  • Locally owned
  • Larger selection than the other local food centers
  • Located in a small, loyal community
  • Prices are close or acceptable compared to other competitors


The Galaxy plays off of the locally owned aspect they bring to the table. Several “mom and pop” stores have been taken over by chain stores, an issue the community does not want to place upon the food center.


Audio Video
Happy, heart filling music

(3 secs)

Pan over of the entire store
Voiceover: “It’s a family tradition. My mom brought me here.”

(2 secs)

Old timeish video of little girl being pushed in a shopping cart.
Voiceover: “And now I bring my children.”

(2 secs)

Woman pushing her child in a cart with another one running happily beside her.
Happy music in the background.

(3 secs)

Camera pans to many workers with happy faces and enjoying their jobs.
Voiceover of Shopper 2: “The smiling faces..”

(2 secs)

Shopper being greeted by worker in the deli in a friendly manner.
Voiceover: “Are what bring me back everytime.”

(2 secs)

Worker waving goodbye to little child in the cart.
Happy music different song

(6 secs)

A series of quick shots of an employees of the food center showing shoppers where something is. Both people in each shot are smiling and laughing.
Happy music

(3 secs)

The owner walking around the store checking the shelves.
Owner: “If it weren’t for the loyal customers,”

(4 secs)

Camera does a straight on of the owner walking down a aisle.
Shopper 3: “Excuse me sir,”

(2 secs)

“Can I get a sandwich made for my husband?”

(3 secs)

“Why of course!”

(3 secs)

Happy music playing over

(4 secs)

The owner is shown getting tapped on the shoulder by an older elderly lady.

The owner smiles to her, puts arm around her shoulders

He winks at the camera and they walk away.

The camera pans out and shows the whole store.

Three Favorite Commercials

So the Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial, “Farmer” is longer than 30 seconds but this commercial tugged on my feelings because my step dad is a farmer. Everyone in my family farms actually, so I loved how it showed the importance of them.

During a time of hate and war, Axe does a great way of  bringing love into a hated time. I just really like how there is no show of the product and very little words used.

Okay so this commercial may display vandalism, but I love how the brother showed support to the little sister.

Branding Video- Everlast

I choose to use the Everlast- Boxing Makes You Stronger video because it does not focus on physical strength normally associated with sports. Throughout the video it shows a little boy watching his older brother train to become a strong boxer. Everlast portrays the older brother dominating on the match, but at the end faces a thief who takes the money from the boys. Both brothers scared, the little brother is confused as to why the older boy did not fight.

The company does not show their name or brand until the end of the video. Everlast is showing their branding statement through their understanding of the sport and how power means nothing without control.

The video captured my attention because in sports ads physical strength is the most powerful tool, but Everlast uses the approach that without mental strength you have no power.

Social Media Plan: The Galaxy Food Center


Age: 55-64 years old, this would include much of the population of St. Marys. The Galaxy Food Center is designed to reach the older age groups due to the variety of foods and an eating center in the deli. The age group is also set into their ways, so shopping from chained owned stores is not a common want.

Sex: The food center should market to older women due to the deli and closeness to their homes.

Salary: In the small location that the company is in, it would be targeted to people with developed jobs getting ready to retire with lower incomes. The income would be $40,000.

Education: The education level would be high school graduate. Many of the shoppers are from a generation that do not have higher than a high school degree.

Family Life: The targeted audience would have a man and a woman married for decades together, without their children. They shop for themselves and occasionally for grandchildren.

Location: The owner of The Galaxy lives in St. Marys where the majority of the shoppers are from. The target audience would live within a 10-mile radius of the store because they do not like to travel farther from home.

Transportation: The form of transportation is an older car that her husband refuses to trade in for a newer nicer car.




This age group do not understand computers and technology very well. They are considered spectator users. On Facebook, they don’t post very much and if they do it is only for videos and grandma content. They are only on one form of social media, Facebook, because the other forms do not make sense to them.


Social Platform

According to, 76% of females use Facebook. For the food center it would be easiest for them to reach their audience through Facebook.

They do not have any other forms of social media at the moment, so Facebook would be the only connection through the social media platform.


Kendall Jenner is part of the Kardashian clang. She uses Twitter the most to promote her app and modelling career. She posts links in her tweets, and Jenner rarely post personal tweets. Kendall uses her Instagram for her modelling career mostly. Many of the pictures are for selling brands or products. Political campaigns also use her influence to promote themselves as Hilary Clinton has. Facebook is clearly not a personally ran social media sight for Jenner. The post on there are spread out and again are about her modelling career or ads for products and brands.

Hilary Clinton is a very interesting social media user. She does not post anything for personal interest, but for her campaign. On Facebook, Clinton pulls in the older demographic. This is compared to how she only uses Twitter to post links for debates or to bash her opponents. Clinton’s use on Instagram is not exactly set. One day it will be strictly for her campaign compared to the next day where she is posting about her current position.

Kendall Jenner has much more freedom on social media compared to Hilary Clinton. As a presidential candidate, Clinton has to be promotional for not only herself but she people Clinton represents. Jenner represents the brands she post about, but all her promotional post are paid. She does not need to promote herself as much to the public. Jenner is well liked already.