Social Media Plan: Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

The Galaxy Food Center

Goal: Create an appearance on all forms of social media.

Objective 1: Reach 3,000 likes on Facebook by December 2016.

Strategy: Use both the website and store to create exposure.

Tactic 1.1: Simply have a flyer on the doors and at the registers mentioning the Facebook page.

Tactic 1.2: Run promotions weekly or biweekly on Facebook page requiring

Tactic 1.3: Show items and post relating to the community and local events.

Tactic 1.4: Comment and share on reviews and comments including the food center.


Objective 2: Have at least 150 followers on instagram by April 2017.

Strategy: Create an Instagram for the Galaxy.

Tactic 2.1: Follow the younger demographic.

Tactic 2.2: Post food related photos which will relate to the younger demographic. Make the post at least once a day.

Tactic 2.3: Create a hashtag specifically for the center and use it when making post.

Tactic 2.4: Use the page to post promotionals for a wider follower base and to increase sales.


Objective 3: Have at least 50 followers on Pinterest within six months.

Strategy: Create a Pinterest account and try to reach people from the local community.

Tactic 3.1: Share recipes which could be made using ingredients from the Galaxy.

Tactic 3.2: Post videos of the deli workers making food fresh at least once a day.

Tactic 3.3: Post images with recipes of the fresh foods at the deli at least once a day.

Tactic 3.4: Share fans and customers Pinterest pages that are made with ingredients food in the food center.


Objective 4: Get at least 150 followers on Twitter within six months.

Strategy: Create a Twitter account and try to follow people throughout the local community.

Tactic 4.1: Post at least three tweets throughout the day about the food center.

Tactic 4.2: Have promotional sales that require people to follow and retweet to win.

Tactic 4.3: Post images of the new sales and items when they come out.

Tactic 4.4: Interact with the customers to know what they want and what they think of the restaurant.


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