The Galaxy Paper Edit


The focus should be heartwarming and make the audience feel happy and at home at the food center. It is a well known store and competes with the chain stores. Since the reopening of the store, the Galaxy has expanded and has an intimidating factor to it. If a new commercial is created to express a warm feeling to the food center it would create a better audience.  


The Galaxy is locally own and many people outside of the community it is in do not know what it is. Creating a strong social media market, the food center could reach to other areas and


The audience for the Galaxy would be middle aged women between the ages of 35-55. It is a wide range, but in a small town a variety of people will come in and shop locally for small needs.

Content Points

  • Locally owned
  • Larger selection than the other local food centers
  • Located in a small, loyal community
  • Prices are close or acceptable compared to other competitors


The Galaxy plays off of the locally owned aspect they bring to the table. Several “mom and pop” stores have been taken over by chain stores, an issue the community does not want to place upon the food center.


Audio Video
Happy, heart filling music

(3 secs)

Pan over of the entire store
Voiceover: “It’s a family tradition. My mom brought me here.”

(2 secs)

Old timeish video of little girl being pushed in a shopping cart.
Voiceover: “And now I bring my children.”

(2 secs)

Woman pushing her child in a cart with another one running happily beside her.
Happy music in the background.

(3 secs)

Camera pans to many workers with happy faces and enjoying their jobs.
Voiceover of Shopper 2: “The smiling faces..”

(2 secs)

Shopper being greeted by worker in the deli in a friendly manner.
Voiceover: “Are what bring me back everytime.”

(2 secs)

Worker waving goodbye to little child in the cart.
Happy music different song

(6 secs)

A series of quick shots of an employees of the food center showing shoppers where something is. Both people in each shot are smiling and laughing.
Happy music

(3 secs)

The owner walking around the store checking the shelves.
Owner: “If it weren’t for the loyal customers,”

(4 secs)

Camera does a straight on of the owner walking down a aisle.
Shopper 3: “Excuse me sir,”

(2 secs)

“Can I get a sandwich made for my husband?”

(3 secs)

“Why of course!”

(3 secs)

Happy music playing over

(4 secs)

The owner is shown getting tapped on the shoulder by an older elderly lady.

The owner smiles to her, puts arm around her shoulders

He winks at the camera and they walk away.

The camera pans out and shows the whole store.


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