Branding Video- Everlast

I choose to use the Everlast- Boxing Makes You Stronger video because it does not focus on physical strength normally associated with sports. Throughout the video it shows a little boy watching his older brother train to become a strong boxer. Everlast portrays the older brother dominating on the match, but at the end faces a thief who takes the money from the boys. Both brothers scared, the little brother is confused as to why the older boy did not fight.

The company does not show their name or brand until the end of the video. Everlast is showing their branding statement through their understanding of the sport and how power means nothing without control.

The video captured my attention because in sports ads physical strength is the most powerful tool, but Everlast uses the approach that without mental strength you have no power.


2 thoughts on “Branding Video- Everlast”

  1. Very good assessment on this ad. I agree that in any game one must be both mentally and physically strong to face the challenges. I think the boy didn’t fight back knowing the thief needed the money. The boy sees beyond the thief’s own action. I think he was reasoning why is this thief doing this? Is it because of poverty and starvation? Is it because he needed money immediately? What would I gain if I fight him and never give the money? He made a good decision never to fight and gave the money.


    1. I agree with your analysis! In all sports, it is not just about having physical strength, it’s about the mental aspect as well. You have to believe you can achieve, but you also have to be a quick decision maker. The boy in this case showed both sides – he won his match, but he was quick to make the right decision with the beggar. The boy chose the path that would do more good than harm in the situation.

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