Social Media Plan: The Galaxy Food Center


Age: 55-64 years old, this would include much of the population of St. Marys. The Galaxy Food Center is designed to reach the older age groups due to the variety of foods and an eating center in the deli. The age group is also set into their ways, so shopping from chained owned stores is not a common want.

Sex: The food center should market to older women due to the deli and closeness to their homes.

Salary: In the small location that the company is in, it would be targeted to people with developed jobs getting ready to retire with lower incomes. The income would be $40,000.

Education: The education level would be high school graduate. Many of the shoppers are from a generation that do not have higher than a high school degree.

Family Life: The targeted audience would have a man and a woman married for decades together, without their children. They shop for themselves and occasionally for grandchildren.

Location: The owner of The Galaxy lives in St. Marys where the majority of the shoppers are from. The target audience would live within a 10-mile radius of the store because they do not like to travel farther from home.

Transportation: The form of transportation is an older car that her husband refuses to trade in for a newer nicer car.




This age group do not understand computers and technology very well. They are considered spectator users. On Facebook, they don’t post very much and if they do it is only for videos and grandma content. They are only on one form of social media, Facebook, because the other forms do not make sense to them.


Social Platform

According to, 76% of females use Facebook. For the food center it would be easiest for them to reach their audience through Facebook.

They do not have any other forms of social media at the moment, so Facebook would be the only connection through the social media platform.


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