Kendall Jenner is part of the Kardashian clang. She uses Twitter the most to promote her app and modelling career. She posts links in her tweets, and Jenner rarely post personal tweets. Kendall uses her Instagram for her modelling career mostly. Many of the pictures are for selling brands or products. Political campaigns also use her influence to promote themselves as Hilary Clinton has. Facebook is clearly not a personally ran social media sight for Jenner. The post on there are spread out and again are about her modelling career or ads for products and brands.

Hilary Clinton is a very interesting social media user. She does not post anything for personal interest, but for her campaign. On Facebook, Clinton pulls in the older demographic. This is compared to how she only uses Twitter to post links for debates or to bash her opponents. Clinton’s use on Instagram is not exactly set. One day it will be strictly for her campaign compared to the next day where she is posting about her current position.

Kendall Jenner has much more freedom on social media compared to Hilary Clinton. As a presidential candidate, Clinton has to be promotional for not only herself but she people Clinton represents. Jenner represents the brands she post about, but all her promotional post are paid. She does not need to promote herself as much to the public. Jenner is well liked already.


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